Uttarakhand Employment Registration Renewal Process

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Renewal is necessary once you reaches the upper limit of renewal period. Every job applicant who has done registration in Uttarakhand Employment Exchange www.rojgar.uk.gov.in can apply for new job from the Uttrakhand Portal. After 3 years, he has to renew Uttarakhand employment registration to continue availing the benefits of Uttarakhand Employment Enrolment.

If you have registered your name in Rojgar UK online portal and it’s going to be 3 years of registration, you should renew your employment registration as soon as possible. In case, you have missed the deadline of 3 years, you can still go for Uttarakhand Employment Registration Renewal process after 3 years, 2 months time period. This means, if you have registered on 1 January 2014 than as per the Rojgar UK guidelines, you should renew your registration on or before 1 January 2017. But if you have missed this date and have not done Employment renewal yet, do not worry. You can do so till 1 March 2017.

After this date, you can not renew Uttarakhand Employment Registration. After this grace period, the Employment officials will assume that you do not require job anymore and will cancel your registration form their data. If you want to apply for job in Uttarakhand Employment Exchange, you have to go for online registration in Uttarakhand employment office.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Renewal Process

To renew your registration, you have to submit an application form to the employment office where you are registered. The form will be available at the same employment office. All you need to do is that visit the Uttarakhand Employment Office and ask them you want to go for Uttarakhand Employment Registration Renewal process, they will give you the application form which you need to fill completely.

Please note that you should go with original documents while renewing your registration at Uttarakhand Employment Office. They will verify your registration and once all goes clear then renew the same. Also, bring photocopies of original documents as they can submit one or two for further verification.

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